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"Aspen Quality Care is like living in a beautiful Hotel with all the amenities! Melanie and Jon as well as the rest of their staff are caring, accommodating and down to earth. Their Residents are well cared for and happy; they are treated with dignity and respect. The dedication of Aspen Quality Care is manifest in the many improvements they implement to make their facility state of the art and always comfortable for their Residents. I enjoyed my tour and I would not hesitate to recommend them to my own loved ones or to anyone else for that matter!

Anonymous Review Online

“Thank you for your wonderful care of Gladys & for always keeping me well informed. We recommend you highly!"

Margie L. (Daughter-in-Law)

"I am thanking God for helping me to find the Adult Family Home where Mom lives, Aspen Quality Care. Without exception, the staff is sweet and affectionate with her. They check on her every 30 minutes and turn her every 2 hours and they watch her like hawks for any sign of distress or discomfort. I'm humbled by their loving patience and devotion."

Myrna (Daughter)

“Thank you to you and your staff for all that you did to make my Dad as comfortable as he could be these past two years!"

Anne-Marie (Daughter)

"Aspen Quality Care is just that; Quality care that the owners and staff can and should be proud of. The atmosphere is calm and comfortable for the residents and their families. Melanie and Jonathan Bess have created an environment that is relaxing and secure. The staff are treated very well, and their goal is to provide excellent care. The level of care at this home is unmatched by any home I have seen in this area. I would happily place my parents or grandparents with this company. Aspen Quality Care is setting the standard in the Northwest for what an Adult Family Home should be."

Erika E. (Former Employee)

"You two are just great! Aspen is the best"

Myles M. (Resident)

"I had the opportunity to tour the Facility and see first hand how what a family oriented facility this is. The owners, residents and staff seemed like one big family. The residents seemed to feel very at home there. The meals were homemade which everyone enjoyed! The main living areas and outdoor deck were very warm and inviting. The rooms were really nice and I felt like I was in a family members house and not a retirement home. Everyone seemed very respectful of each other. The camaraderie between everyone was very heartfelt and just seemed like an extended family. Very clean and nicely decorated. I would not hesitate to have a family member here as a resident when the time comes. Secure, clean, warm inviting family oriented."

Becky~ Online Review

"How can I begin to thank all of you for your amazing care of my precious parents? You are a talented, caring & skilled group. Looking in I can see how each of you provides so much over and beyond the nursing care"
Glenda S. (Daughter)

"If you are thinking of finding a care facility for your loved one, this is the place. The owners of Aspen Quality Care are wonderful people who strive to meet the needs of each client on a personal level in a loving and caring manner. The facility is very clean, feels like home, is well organized and very professional. You or your family member will be in good hands and very happy with Aspen Quality Care. They are the perfect example of what every care center should be.

Fran D. (Toured, Neighbor)

"Thank you for providing such wonderful care to Ray in his last days. It was great to work with you."

Shannon RN (Hospice)

"This is an amazing Adult Family Home. It's not just an ordinary home. You can feel safe knowing that your family member will be taken care of and loved. They take care of all their employees. 5 plus stars!"

Kayla S. (Former employee)

"We wanted to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You gave Susan the best care she could get. And we are very thankful for your staff, they treated Susan as a person, not a patient. I would recommend your home to anyone, it is the best!"

Christine R. (Sister of Resident)

"Aspen Quality Care is one of the best all-around Assisted Living Facilities that I have been to anywhere in Washington. I work for a medical supply company and have been in over 2000 Facilities over the past 10 years. Jonathan and Melanie have set a level of standard for their Facility that makes it difficult to match. They provide top notch care to all who come to their home. At Aspen Quality Care, their Residents come first! I highly recommend AQC."

Josh B. Soundview Medical Supply